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The Nexus between agency theory and corporate governance Essay

The Nexus between organization hypothesis and corporate administration - Essay Example This article attempts to clarify the office hypothesis and corporate administration in the current day condition. Business analysts as of late are progressively occupied to the wonder of association. The as of late planned association hypothesis office hypothesis is not the same as the ones which existed before. Fama (1980) centered at the conceivable administrative work market to control and guide singular dynamic practicality. Fundamentally all these different explanations are translated dependent on a couple of basic presumptions. These suspicions as per Donaldson (1990) are understood as a 'hypothesis of intrigue, inspiration and compliance'.Specifically, office hypothesis is aimed at the pervasive relationship, in which one gathering (the head) delegates work to another (the specialist), who plays out that work. Organization hypothesis endeavors to depict this relationship utilizing the analogy of an agreement (Eisenhardt, 1989: p58).The neoclassical school examinations the pers on who attempts to expand or at all to fulfill their utility among work and downtime. This mix of accepted autonomy and narrow minded eagerness that is dangerous inside the relationship of specialist and head. As far as corporate administration the investor is the head. The issue emerges because of the partition of possession and control.According to Jill Solomon (2007) the inability to corporate administration and corporate fold can occur in the firmest organization. It is conceivable to allure the Investors, loan bosses and representatives through an organization's notoriety and accomplishment. This can even pull out all the stops. On the off chance that the operators of monetary responsibility were savvy people, as it is an unquestionable requirement dependent on the financial and account hypothesis, this type of blindness would never happen. Be that as it may, the issue is that it happens, speculators act objectively not generally, and the variables of human conduct and brain re search are precarious to fit in an account system or a monetary theory. Instances of silly conduct in the UK during the 1980s were that of Polly Peck and Coloroll. This was a situation when the entrepreneur discovered significant data identifying with unexpected liabilities were absent from the records of these organizations (Smith et every one of the, 1992). Contrasts among chiefs and shareowners Office hypothesis raises a fundamental issue in associations and that is self-intrigued lead. The administrators of an enterprise regularly have their own objectives which frequently go across streets with the owner's objective of augmenting investor riches. As the investors offer influence to the chiefs to deal with the association's riches, an imminent distinction of feeling emerges between the two gatherings. Office Cost How does the specialist that is the organization chiefs serve the primary that is the investors is the issue. The arrangement lies in tolerating particular organization costs. These expenses include either in creating motivating forces or favor which alter official vanity with the worries of investors. Or probably they might be engaged with regulating official conduct so as to limit their personal circumstance. This prompted the improvement of the quantity of non-administrators on the organization sheets. Additionally it brought about enlarged course of action of their capacity and contemplations of opportunity, prompting changes everywhere throughout the world. The detachment of the part played by the CEO and that played by the non-official has been made a piece of this change. The foundation of review, remuneration, and suggestions advisory groups is really autonomous non-officials named to guarantee the best possible utilization of the motivations and furthermore to check the presentation of the administrators. These inner controls

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Comparison of the Vision or Mission Samples †

Question: Talk about the Comparison of the Vision or Mission. Answer: Correlation of the vision or statement of purpose As per the strategic, Aristocrat visualizes to build up a manageable incentive for the entirety of its partners. It means to accomplish this strategic the arrangement of engaging and creative gaming answers for every one of its clients present over the globe. Then again, the statements of purpose of Fortescue are seen to externalize to be the most secure, least expense and most gainful maker of iron metal on the planet. It could be seen that the announcements of the strategic both the nations are opposing commonly. Privileged person being a gaming organization seems to have an inside and out comprehension of what the clients need in the gaming business and in this manner, has explicit goals to offer best types of assistance its clients by being explicit in its specialized viewpoints (Anderson et al., 2015). This organization happens to be absolutely situated to offer successful types of assistance to its clients through its quantifiable procedures in regards to the activity of the ga ming innovation. Its business tasks get reflected from the statement of purpose of the organization; to give great quality engaging and inventive answers for every one of its clients all through the world which is a lot of attainable. In this manner, it very well may be expressed that for setting up a feasible incentive to its partners, the organization's a lot of situated to offer best assistance to its clients as opposed to just coordinating its business towards accomplishing benefit. On account of Fortescue, it tends to be seen that the organization is a lot of situated in getting benefit from all its undertakings and activity which isn't really a negative perspective (Bichet, 2014). The organization is likewise helping with building an economical way to deal with the extraction of the iron metal through most secure and least cost implies which I important from the statement of purpose of the organization. The organization is arranged in removing best results and endeavors from t he HR it has for guaranteeing and keeping up its one of a kind domain and culture in reverberation with the vision of the organization. From this viewpoint it very well may be said that Fortescue is considerably more arranged in making the HR which is fundamentally the individuals engaged with the business activities of the organization, to give their best yield as far as work in their regarded fields (Christopher, Laasch Roberts, 2016). Alongside giving a feasible way to deal with the business tasks in the extraction of iron metal, the organization is essentially glancing forward in recovering the best of everything. The methodology of the organization is sensible concerning an iron mineral Extraction Company, the part of gainfulness is an absolute necessity for the business association to succeed and support in the worldwide market. Being a substantial industry, utilizing immense work is obligatory and getting best endeavors from them is likewise practical. Be that as it may, the mission approach of the organization is increasingly concentrated towards itself and not simply rendering administration back to the general public. Examination of estimations of the organizations Blue-blood happens to esteem the boldness, regard, energy, and uprightness of the individuals alongside the ability of the individuals, innovative greatness and trend setting innovations which help the organization in conveying the best understanding of gaming. Blue-blood esteems these characteristics and angles profoundly which causes the organization to be effective in giving great administrations to its clients alongside supporting the business, individuals and the networks it is engaged with. It tends to be seen that the estimations of the organization are essentially human qualities arranged which urge individuals to get remembered for its business activities. This gives an agreeable inclination and experience to the clients; human asset and partners include d with the organization. Then again, the estimations of Fortescue spin around the hierarchical culture that helps the organization in taking activities and making progress (Chance Brooks, 2015). The estimations of the organi zations exceptionally unified towards itself, the manner in which it considers its human asset as its family and network mirrors that the estimations of the compound are a lot of arranged in focusing on itself other than speculation past it. This is certainly an efficient methodology that is encouraging the organization just to concentrate on its tasks and achievement. In any case, it doesn't give any space to the deference and commitment to the general public by and large. Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability The emphasis on the corporate social duty or maintainable advancement is fundamental for each business association since it adds to the general supportable development and improvement of a business substance and it guarantees that all the business partners appreciate different social, financial and natural utility. The Aristocrat Leisure Limited finds a way to help the encompassing network by accomplishing noble cause work that mirrors its business esteem. The entirety of its 3,200 representatives are propelled to contribute in the raising money exercises with the goal that the neighborhood network gets advantage from such occasions. It sorts out Global Volunteer Week which joins the entirety of its representatives to chip in their abilities, exertion and time to realize a positive change in the general public. Its solid responsibility towards the manageability execution is likewise reflected in its socially capable and moral methodology towards the business forms. It participates in different vitality proficient projects, reusing activities, and proactive models so as to spare characteristic vitality and water. It makes interests in the innovative perspectives so a dependable gaming framework is created (Glaeser, Stachel Odehnal, 2016). The Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. is another Australian organization that pays attention to its corporate social duty very. Its dedication towards a reasonable execution is thought about in its center advancing an assorted working environment and tending to the different ecological difficulties that exist in the present occasions. It needs to realize a significant change for the Aboriginal populace that dwell in the Pilbara locale (Pettinger, 2013). This part of its CRR action is unique in relation to that of Aristocrat firm since the last spotlights on the network around which it works. The iron mineral maker partakes in various volunteer activities to advance the best expectations of manageability execution and it has likewise held hands with United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) so it can roll out an improvement in the general public. Partners The partners of a business concern structure a basic piece of the association since they help in the very presence of the element. The partners incorporate various gatherings, for example, speculators, clients, network, representatives, government, and so on. The Aristocrat Leisure Limited gives due significance to its partners by making an endeavor to plan the best gaming advances with the goal that it doesn't have negative effect on any of them. The business through four unique sections including America, Australia and New Zealand, Digital and International Class III and it has been planned in such a manner along these lines, that it can concentrate on its partners from various corners of the globe. It centers around the turn of events and planning parts of its contributions with the goal that its clients, accomplices, representatives appreciate the basic gaming arrangements. The Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. Concern has faith in setting up a strong long standing security with its different partners that exist in the market condition including the clients, government, financial specialists, and so forth. It esteems its solid relationship with its key partners and put stock in cooperating so the tasks are overseen in a positive way (Peterson, 2015). Much the same as its supportability approach that centers around the Aboriginal populace, the firm places them in a focal situation of its partner list so the best open doors are made for them. The element accepts that with the assistance of its partners it can add to construct better networks, secure the general condition and make the Australian economy increasingly strong and solid. End The vision or potentially statement of purpose, values, feasible methodology and partners structure a vital piece of any business association that works in the business. Every one of these angles essentially help a worry to follow the set structure so its definitive target is accomplished in the most ideal manner conceivable. The vision causes it to comprehend its definitive target that it wishes to accomplish all through its reality. The statement of purpose is made which centers around the transient methodology that is received by the business worry to meet its objective. The corporate social system goes about as a rule and encourages the substance to show its business in the most effective way to mulling over its financial, social, natural obligations. The hierarchical partners are the most significant fragment since they together make up the business concern and help it to have a maintainability development and improvement in the questionable business condition. Thesemanagement p arts of two imperative Australian business organizations specifically Aristocrat Leisure Limited and Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. have been reflected here in a basic way with the goal that their methodology towards these administrative exercises can be recognized and comprehended in a powerful way. References Anderson, D.R., Sweeney, D.J., Williams, T.A., Camm, J.D. what's more, Cochran, J.J., 2015. A prologue to the executives science: quantitative ways to deal with dynamic. Cengage learning. Bichet, D.G., 2014. Segment Introduction:Emergent Management of Sodium Disorders. In Endocrine and Metabolic Medical Emergencies: A Clinician's Guide (pp. 337-339). The Endocrine Society. Christopher, E., Laasch, O. also, Roberts, J., 2016. New ways to deal with prologue to the executives courses. Diary of Manag

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Types of Panic Attacks and Symptoms

Types of Panic Attacks and Symptoms Panic Disorder Symptoms Print Panic Attacks and Symptoms By Sheryl Ankrom linkedin Sheryl Ankrom is a clinical professional counselor and nationally certified clinical mental health counselor specializing in anxiety disorders. Learn about our editorial policy Sheryl Ankrom Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on February 17, 2020 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD on February 17, 2020 Paul Viant / Caiaimage / Getty Images More in Panic Disorder Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Coping Related Conditions A panic attack is a sudden and intense feeling of terror, fear or apprehension, without the presence of actual danger. The symptoms of a panic attack usually happen suddenly, peak within 10 minutes and then subside. However, some attacks may last longer or may occur in succession, making it difficult to determine when one attack ends and another begins. Panic Attacks One way that panic attacks have been characterized into different types is as follows: Spontaneous or uncued panic attacks occur without warning or “out of the blue.” No situational or environmental triggers are associated with the attack. These types of panic attacks may even occur during one’s sleep.Situationally bound or cued panic attacks occur upon actual or anticipated exposure to certain situations. These situations become cues or triggers for a panic episode. For example, an individual who fears enclosed spaces experiences a panic attack when entering, or thinking about entering, an elevator.Situationally predisposed panic attacks don’t always occur immediately upon exposure to a feared situation or cue, but the individual is more likely to experience an attack in such situations. For example, a person who has a fear of social situations but who does not experience a panic episode in every social situation, or who experiences a delayed attack after being in a social environment for an extended period of time. DSM-5 Criteria According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), a panic attack is characterized by a “surge of intense fear or intense discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes” and includes four or more of the following symptoms:?? Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rateSweatingTrembling or shakingSensations of shortness of breath or smotheringFeeling of chokingChest pain or discomfortNausea or abdominal distressFeeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faintChills or hot sensationsNumbness or tingling sensations (paresthesias)Feelings of unreality (derealization) or being detached from oneself (depersonalization)Fear of losing control or going crazyFear of dying The presence of fewer than four of the above symptoms may be considered a limited-symptom panic attack. Does Having a Panic Attack Mean I Have Panic Disorder? It is important to note that many people may experience a panic attack once, or even a few times during their lives. In order for a diagnosis of panic disorder to be made, one must experience recurring unexpected panic attacks that are not caused by the effects of drugs, alcohol or another medical or psychological condition. It is possible to have a few isolated panic attacks without recurrence. But, since panic-like symptoms may mimic many other medical and psychological disorders???, it is important to review your symptoms with your doctor. The 7 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups

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The Greatest Leader Of The United States 2016 Election...

â€Å"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. he is the one who gets the people to do the greatest things.† This is a quote by one of our past presidents, Ronald Reagan. As the United States’ 2016 election year shortly approaches candidates everywhere are trying to be seen as great leaders to the people. One of the main ways candidates do this is by campaigning, which involved going to speeches, going to philanthropic events, and coming up with creative ways to advertise. Donald J. Trump a businessman turning politician is one of the head candidates for the National Republican Party, and according to the Washington Post is becoming a better looking candidate everyday (Milbank). Trump worked for his father’s real ­estate company starting after college. In 1971 he was given control of the company. Trump slowly began signing contracts with hotel and apartment complexes. He began buying properties to build his own hotels as well. In 2015 this popular and famous businessman announced that he was going to run in the 2016 United States presidential election. He started the Donald J. Trump for President Incorporation to begin his campaign. This incorporation owns The Donald J. Trump official website, which is being used as one of his main campaign advertising sources. It has pictures of him and his slogan, shows his position on popular issues, shows articles of him in the media, and as well sells merchandise, like hats, t ­shirts, and yard signs. TheShow MoreRelatedDemocracy Now : Abolish The Electoral College1581 Words   |  7 PagesDemocracy Now: Abolish the Electoral College As citizens we owe it to the people and voters who have given and sacrificed for the right to vote to make sure that every single vote is counted and equal. We need to ensure that a vote cast in one state is equal to the vote of citizens in any other state. We need to become a true democracy. â€Å"The presidency is the only office in America where the candidate who wins the most votes can still lose the election. There isn’t any elected office in the NationRead MoreThe United States Presidential Election Of 2016 Essay1540 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States presidential election of 2016 occurred on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This was the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters elected a new president and vice president through the electoral college. Businessman Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence, running on the Republican ticket, defeated the Democratic Party s nominees former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine. The defeat, consi dered improbable by most pre-election forecasts, was branded byRead MoreWhat Makes A Leader?1887 Words   |  8 PagesWhat does it mean to be a leader? We encounter leaders in everyday situations, whether it be a professor, boss, coach, or parent. No matter how distinguished or subordinate our roles, we have some type of leadership responsibility over others. How does one effectively lead other people? What methods, ideas, and skills should leaders convey to the public? It is not always easy or fun to be a leader and it is almost guaranteed that a population will not like the views and beliefs of the one in chargeRead MoreA Birth Of A Legend1663 Words   |  7 PagesPresidency—Miller center,† 2016), (â€Å"Revolutionary war research project,† 2011), (â€Å",† 2016), (â€Å",† 2016), (ORG, feed, e-mail, n.d.) He grew up and lived most of his life in Orange County of Virginia. Initially he was home schooled. With his own interests and passion and help of some tutors, he mastered Greek and Latin before entering College. This home-schooled child ended up in Princeton University, yet finishing his studies in two years, then going for another termRead MoreThe Griffin s Food Company Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesTask One The Griffin’s Food Company, a New Zealand based manufacturing company has been selected for this assignment. The company specialises in making biscuits, golden potato chips and nutty bars for over 150 years (Ministry of economic development, n.d., p. xx). The journey began when John Griffin decided to open his very first factory in the early 19th century. The factory was established with the passion for life and food. There are four brands under the Griffin’s Food Company and they are Griffin’sRead MoreAmerica Is A Country Divided2196 Words   |  9 Pages(Roskin 2016)shared by different factions, despite fears that such a combination could bring about grave political consequences. In 1986 when French Socialist President Mitterrand lost control of the National Assembly to the largest conservative party, the Neo-Gaullist, he called on party leader Jean Jacques Chirac to become premier and went along with Chirac’s cabinet choices and legislation and set a p recedent for when the same situation occurred in 1993 and again in 1997 (Roskin 2016). So underRead MoreA Statement Of Reform Education Literacy1912 Words   |  8 PagesUCLA was asked how his life as a college student was going. It s the remix to ignition, there s no food in the kitchen, my whole life is a mess, I don t know what s going on and I can t afford my tuition. The life of a college student is stressful. Getting to class on time after staying up all night studying and trying to earn a degree on pop tarts and canned potatoes is not an aspect many people dream of experiencing. On top of it all, students endure college with their biggest fear, how theyRead MoreA Statement Of Reform Education Literacy1912 Words   |  8 PagesUCLA was asked how his life as a college student was going. It s the remix to ignition, there s no food in the kitchen, my whole life is a mess, I don t know what s going on and I can t afford my tuition. The life of a college student is stressful. Get ting to class on time after staying up all night studying and trying to earn a degree on pop tarts and canned potatoes is not an aspect many people dream of experiencing. On top of it all, students endure college with their biggest fear, how theyRead MoreI Am Applying For The Mayo Clinic1622 Words   |  7 Pagesworld lack access to healthcare. I aim to change that throughout my life by partnering with organizations like the United States Navy or the Doctors Without Borders, and the attainment of a MD/Ph.D. degree is an essential part of it. Clinical Research Internship Study Program (CRISP) at the Mayo Clinic Florida strengthened my idea that research is an integral part of clinical medicine. After the CRISP, I decided a MD/Ph.D. suits my future goals better than an MD or Ph.D. because it will better equipRead MorePresidential Election Of Modern America Essay2251 Words   |  10 PagesPresidential elections in modern America are incredibly complex and multi-faceted, and have only grown more intricate as time progresses. First, a candidate must win the nomination of his or her party through a series of state primaries or caucuses. To do this, the candidate must appeal specifically to his or her party demographic, and is more concerned with the inter-party competition than the competition from the other party. Once the nomination is formally awarded to a candidate at the respective

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Effective Leadership Skills During An Ethical Dilemma

Effective Leadership Skills during an Ethical Dilemma The purpose of this paper is to introduce ethical frameworks that can help solve an ethical dilemma. I will give an example of ethical issues encountered in a jail setting and an ethical dilemma that I experienced as a result of these ethical issues. I will analyze the moral, ethical, and legal implications that I used in this ethical dilemma. Furthermore, I will explain my leadership role as a patient advocate during this particular moral issue. Lastly, I will describe my leadership styles that were identified by my self-assessment and how this facilitates my ethical dilemma. Introduction The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics states, â€Å"The nurse promote, advocates for,†¦show more content†¦I am not sure if this has to do with losing some of your rights as an inmate or if it is different in other jails. Lastly, other ethical issues in a jail setting involve witnessing the use of force in against patients that are severely agitated and uncooperative which end up in a mechanical restraint such as a restraint chair. The ethical dilemma I encountered in my work environment involves correctional officers using force and restraint chairs against mental health patients. Officers are allowed to restraint anyone who can be a danger to themselves or any person in the facility. Ethical Dilemma Maschi, Marmo, and Han (2014) stated, â€Å"According to the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948), every human being is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, which includes individuals not being subjected to torture and cruel and unusual punishment† (p. 173). Also, studies have shown that patients who were placed in a mechanical restraint experience depression, insomnia, delusion, panic, demoralization, and intense anger (Bersot Arrigo, 2011). Also, many patients indicated that they lost the principle of autonomy when placed in a mechanical restraint (Bersot Arrigo, 2011). Knowing these facts, is it unethical when officers use force and restraint chairs for mental health patients? Should officers use restraints and force to control dangerous patients even ifShow MoreRelatedTransformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader1503 Words   |  7 PagesTransformational Nursing Leadership INTRODUCTION Leadership is a process. The leader uses influence to inspire others toward a common goal. There are different types of leadership such as autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. One leadership theory is transformational leadership. A transformational leader is defined as â€Å"a leader who is committed to a vision that empowers others† (Kelly, 2012). A transactional leader is focused on day toRead MoreThe Fellow Nurse s Situation1372 Words   |  6 PagesBut at the same time, I also questioned his accountability and moral responsibility as a nurse. The importance of keeping personal and professional life separate and being able to work without jeopardizing clients’ life. There are two sides of ethical dilemma from this scenario. First, the fellow nurse who has mistakenly gave wrong dosage of medication to a client, the reason being that he is recently divorced and he is a single dad to his two children who he has full custody over. Second, the nurseRead MoreMy Introductory On Public Administration1472 Words   |  6 Pagesagency and Mrs. Emond’s role as a public administrator. More importantly, I was able to learn how interorganizational partnerships, financial management, ethics, and leadership and management skills in public administration can help develop stronger communities. MHS is a non-profit organization that provides innovative and cost-effective mental health and drug and alcohol recovery services through more than 85  community-based programs throughout California (Mental Health Systems, 2016). CVPP, one ofRead MoreImproving My Communication And Listening Skill797 Words   |  4 Pageshad been caught with possession of illicit drugs. An effective school administrator must know all the district and school regulations and policies to perform the job in an equitable and fair way with the intention to provide a safe and effective learning environment. These outcomes from this interview have reinforced way of thinking with respect to good leadership which I will continue to practice and to improve my communication and listening skill. One thing that I have realized that I should payRead MoreThe Leadership Journey Of Ronda Harlan1535 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction to a Leadership Journey This paper outlines the leadership journey of Ronda Harlan; an Organizational Leadership student, at Colorado State University (CSU) and how the CSU Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program helped Ronda to evaluate human behavior within organizations to understand ethical practices, effective leadership, organizational communication, and cogent decision-making principles. Ronda Harlan reflects how the master’s program at CSU aligned withRead MoreRoles Of Advanced Practice Nurses1358 Words   |  6 Pagesand nursing theories to improve the wellbeing of their patient. To improve the well being of all patients, there is a growing demand for advance practice nurses worldwide. The advanced practice roles of CNM, CNP, CNS, and CRNA require a toolbox of skills, understanding, and integrative abilities that synthesize advanced practice nursing knowledge (Buppert, 2011). With the rapid development of the advance practice nurse leader, the national organization o f Nurse Practitioners are eager to help ensureRead MoreEthical Dilemma Of The United States Army Aviation Branch1685 Words   |  7 PagesThe essay identifies an ethical dilemma in the United States Army Aviation Branch. It seeks to identify the root cause of the problem using the ethical lenses of rules, outcomes, and virtue provide by the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic. Modern Army Leaders face an ethical dilemma, specifically in low-density Military Occupational Specialties, of completing the mission and enforcing the standards of Army Regulation 600-9. Units deploying or conducting critical training need Soldiers orRead MoreA Comparison Assessment Of Leadership Competencies1396 Words   |  6 PagesA Comparison Assessment of Leadership Competencies in Healthcare Michelle M. Fulop University of Cincinnati Healthcare Informatics â€Æ' A Comparison Assessment of Leadership Competencies in Healthcare There are a multitude of competency requirements needed to become an effective leader in the healthcare industry. Important leadership qualities are centered around skills and behaviors that assist in successfully executing an organization’s strategic vision. Priority quality competencies involve decisionRead MoreCharacteristics Of An Effective Exemplary Manager Using A Healthcare Manager1095 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership and Communication in Exemplary Management The purpose of this assignment is to identify characteristics that define an effective exemplary manager using a healthcare manager. Josie Pippert, the Director of Donor Services at Houchin Community Blood Bank, is an exemplary manager because she balances authority and supportiveness to effectively lead a group of employees. Despite being in a different department, Josie has become my mentor because she is very supportive and approachable whileRead More Leadership Essay1072 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership New Aspects of Leadership A significant part of effective leadership is the close connection between the leader and the follower, which often determines the success of the leader’s mission. Unfortunately, this leader-follower relationship cannot be created according to some simple formula. Without inspiration, involvement, and encouragement from both participants, the relationship suffers. Leaders, in particular, must give an extra effort to reach out to followers in order to initiate

Chapter 2 Thesis Enrolment System Free Essays

Notes on Philippine pre-colonial literature Notes and anecdotes on Philippine pre-colonial literature, mostly taken from my Filipino 14 class under Mr. Popa. The pre-colonial period in the Philippines is the longest chapter in the country’s history. We will write a custom essay sample on Chapter 2 Thesis Enrolment System or any similar topic only for you Order Now Yet it is also the darkest chapter in history, with very few records extant. The lack of knowledge concerning the period stems from the lack of resources concerning this era, brought on by the perishability of the items produced during those times. Having a strong affinity with nature, the early Filipino communities produced items molded from the raw materials in the region, mostly from plants and trees. Another reason was the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. The Catholic friars who were tasked with converting the â€Å"uncivilized† natives demonized the pre-colonial culture, seeing the beliefs of that era as a threat to their mission to spread Christianity in the land. Only a few manuscripts still survive to this day, mostly done by Spanish priests who had immersed themselves in the community in an attempt to decipher their ways. One of the most important was the Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala by Fr. Juan de Noceda and Fr. Pedro San Lucar (1734), an anthology of early oral lore that preserved many examples of pre-colonial literature. However, despite the Spanish teachings, Philippine pre-colonial culture was not as barbaric as it had been made out to be. The presence of a bustling trade economy with Chinese and Muslim merchants existed long before the landing of the Spaniards. The oral literature in existence during that time also displayed a sense of sophistication beyond that of simple barbaric cultures. Anitism, a term coined by Stephen Hislop, refers to the religion prevalent in the religion at that time. The early Filipinos believed in the presence of  anitos, primordial forces of nature that could accompany or possess people. Filipinos also held the principle of  loob  with great importance. Loosely translated,  loobmeans inside. Loob  is also a vague reference to the soul. An attempt to explain  loob  may proceed as follows. The concept of  loob  can, first and foremost, be related to the concept of a soul. It is something that resides within the person. However, it is not corporeal, or as specific as a soul; it is a vital part of the person but not the person in his/her entirety. Loobis also related to space and trust; with the phrase  malapit ang loob ko sa iyo  (malapitmeaning near) referring to a person’s high trust level with the other. Loob  is also a personal space, something sacred to the person that belongs to him alone. The Filipinos were also well-endowed in the area of literature. A long-standing oral tradition that still survives in remnants to this day traces its roots to the pre-colonial period. Philippine literature employed everyday language, and was a communal activity. As such, the social relevance of literature during that time was very important. Themes included the daily routines of the community, living in accordance with nature and living within the community. Literature was the primary expression of the community’s experiences, beliefs and emotions. Filipino pre-colonial literature followed certain conventions. Due to its oral nature, most stories had a formulaic method of construction. This was reinforced by the duty of literature as a reflection of the communal belief and experience; the repetition of themes highlighted the prevalent qualities of the region’s culture, and identity was thus embodied. The oral tradition also refined the structure of pre-colonial literature, employing the use of rhythm and rhyme to great effect. Rhythm and rhyme distinguished literary pieces from normal conversation while employing the familiar everyday language that everyone in the community understood. These devices also made the pieces easier to remember and retell, while allowing the storyteller to associate the rise and fall of tone with the appropriate portions of the story. Philippine literature possesses a deep level of sophistication, seen in the organic unity of language, theme and relevance within each piece. The use of common language did not prevent the pieces from obtaining a touch of elegance that set it apart, a testament to the literary ability of the pre-colonial culture. Literature was a vital tool for community cohesiveness, rooted in the foundations of language as a tool for survival. Banding together to overcome the dangers of the wild, literature took on communal themes that promoted a sense of togetherness throughout the locals. Literature also reflected the affinity of pre-colonial Fipinos with nature, with the use of colorful metaphors and vivid backgrounds to enhance the story and express their appreciation of nature itself. Literature is such an integral part of pre-colonial Philippine culture that it was one of the methods employed by the Spanish in order to convert the Filipinos towards Christianity. However, the Filipinos were intensely critical of these Spanish pieces, largely due to their inability to relate them to their communal beliefs. How to cite Chapter 2 Thesis Enrolment System, Essay examples

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Metamorphosis by Kafka Essay Example

Metamorphosis by Kafka Essay Gregor Sams in Metamorphosis Unit 1 Question 1 In the book The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman (Kafka Kiesel, 2002). However, he hates the traveling and the constant anxiety added to the fact that he cannot make more than just acquaintances. The job requires Gregor to get up early but he dislikes the idea. To make the situation worse, his manager appears to be very cruel in his leadership and Gregor would have wanted to quit the job were it not for him supporting his parents. We will write a custom essay sample on Metamorphosis by Kafka specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Metamorphosis by Kafka specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Metamorphosis by Kafka specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Question 2 Gregor is the breadwinner in his family since he has to provide for his parents and sister, Grete, with the returns he gets from his job as a commercial traveler. His father is demeaning and demanding despite the fact that he is engulfed in business debts and bankruptcy. Gregor’s father is highly indebted to his manager and this situation forces Gregor to commit to his work. Therefore, Gregor is obliged to maintain his career even though he does not like it at all. After his metamorphosis into an insect, Gregor ceases to be of importance since he can barely control of his body and he loses his job. His father drives him away to his room by using a stick and this shows a reversed role where Gregor is lowly regarded by his father yet before his metamorphosis, the father depended on his efforts at work. Question 4 After the transformation, Gregor is more worried about being late for work than he is about himself. This character trait shows that he lacks inspiration and anything to look forward to in life. He is not enthusiastic with other aspects of life because he has a low self-esteem and sees himself as nothing more than his family’s breadwinner. He detests his job and feels that the colleagues are often gossiping about him thus, the grotesque image he gets after the transformation is a vivid impression of his inner soul. Gregor is not self-conscious and he has already adapted to the boring routine life. Question 5 When Gregor’s parents first see the gigantic insect, they do not recognize it as their son. Gregor’s father pushes him away back to his room with a stick. He might have been astonished since he clenches and starts crying but disgusted with the sight of the insect. The mother faints when she sees Gregor crawling because she is also astonished and is in disbelief of the occurrence. Their initial reactions suggest that they view Gregor as an insignificant creature, which is scary and no longer useful to them Unit 2 Question 1 The things that have changed in Gregor’s life are his physical appearance, his eating habits and his role in the family. Physically, Gregor has become a typical insect depicted by feelers, numerous thin legs, a hard back, and a segmented belly (Kafka Kiesel, 2002). His voice also changes and it becomes unclear since he cannot be heard by neither the manager nor the rest of his family when he responds to them while locked in his room. Instead of milk, he can only eat rotten food scraps. He ceases to be the family’s breadwinner since he loses his job because of his condition and instead of people looking up to him as before, they are disgusted by his sight. However, Gregor’s perception of himself and perspective of life remain the same. Before the metamorphosis, Gregor’s life is plain and boring with lack of inspiration and he accepts his new physical condition despite its ugliness. He still feels devastated that his family has financial constraints instea d of worrying about himself. Question 2 From Gregor’s point of view, the positive aspects of his metamorphosis into an insect are that he ceases to work in the dreadful field characterized by the cruelty of his boss and that he no longer has the heavy responsibility of providing for his family. He enjoys the freedom of crawling around on the ground and on walls without the thought of waking up early everyday to go to work. Although the conditions for the metamorphosis are tough, for the first time Gregor is able to relax. His sister Grete gives him feeds him and cleans his room but stops being compassionate towards the end of the story. The transformation, in disguise, made his life simpler than it was earlier. Question 3 The first section of the story before Gregor’s metamorphosis, it is apparent that his life is miserable throughout the narration. His days are boring since he has to follow a certain routine of worrying about travels and train connections. In addition, Gregor feels like the acquaintances he meets on his way are nothing more than that and the food he eats on his journey is not enjoyable (Kafka Kiesel, 2002). His boss is very insensitive at work and Gregor loses morale. He ends up in frustration and desperation because he is dissatisfied with the disparities of life. His life lacks zeal because he is always on the move and has inadequate interaction with people hence, no social ties. Question 4 Gregor’s father reveals the existence of enough money to cater for their needs for a short while. Gregor learns that his father had accumulated some savings five years before his business failed. He also finds out that some of his earnings had been put away by his family without his knowledge. When Gregor learns the truth about the family’s finances, he feels proud to have contributed to their wellbeing since not all the money he gave his parents was spent. He feels embarrassed upon hearing the discussion of the parents suggesting employment to avoid spending the savings because the father and mother seem incapable of being employed. He looks for something to preserve as soon as he moves beneath the sofa after the mother and sister have moved much of the furniture. Unit 3 Question 1 Three boarders come to live with the Samsas and they occupy the living room. These characters are significant in the story because they reveal the efforts of the family in trying to make a living amidst the financial struggles. The boarders live with the Samsas on condition that they pay the rent. This shows how the parents ventured into other means of making a living despite Gregor’s irreversible condition that brought his job to a halt. By being disgusted at the sight of Gregor in the form of an insect, they show the value of cleanliness and neatness in the environment. From their point of view, insects thrive in dirty places and since they reacted negatively to Gregor’s appearance, they communicate the importance of cleanliness. Furthermore, Kafka (2002) might have desired to incorporate the different themes such as selfishness and greed to show how they were conformed to indifference. He might have not specified them according to names because they all fell in the same category. All three represent similar traits and themes. Question 2 Gregor is wounded because his father threw apples at him and one fell squarely on his back and it became permanently lodged. Gregor felt immense pain and it altered his movement. His father reacted in that manner because he found the mother unconscious and thought Gregor tried to attack her. The incident symbolizes how his family undermines him and how his life before the metamorphosis was difficult within his environment. One apple after another hit his back and finally destroys his wellbeing. This might symbolize how his routine work depressed him continuously before he transformed into an insect. His injury is a reflection of the miseries he had in his human life. Question 3 When his sister, Grete plays the Violin, Gregor is interested and he attempts to move to the parlor where she is. He is elated by her talent and wishes to be alone with her in his bedroom so that he can unveil his plan to her. The sister plays the violin in the parlor to entertain the boarders but sadly, they lose interest. His plan is sending her to music school where she can nurture and express more of her talent. This response shows that Gregor is compassionate and devoted he is by wanting the best for every member of her family. He is dedicated to the responsibilities he has and intends to be a caring and loving brother (Kafka Kiesel, 2002). Question 4 Gregor’s sister, Grete is the first to decide that she must ‘get rid’ of the insect. As she plays the violin who eventually become disinterested, Gregor crawls to the parlor to listen when one of the boarders spot him and reacts disgustedly. They threaten the Gregor’s father by saying they will leave and not pay rent but he moves them out of the parlor. Given the difficult financial situation the family is in because Gregor can no longer work, losing in come in the form of rent proves to be a great disappointment. Therefore, Grete suggests that they should assume the insect is not Gregor and get rid of it. According to Grete, Gregor is the reason to their suffering. When Gregor overhears the conversation and feels awful because he has become a liability to the household. His life appears to be meaningless to him since he believes he brought suffering to their lives with his transformation. He finally dies by morning. Unit 4 Question 1 According to Whitlark (2012), in the story, the characters that undergo change include Gregor, his parents and his sister. Gregor’s transformation is obvious in the beginning since he physically changes into a giant insect. He no longer has his human body, which would allow him to run his daily errands normally. His life also changes from being the family’s breadwinner to becoming the family’s dependant. Prior to his metamorphosis, he provided for his family with the payment he received from work. He has become worthless and a nuisance to the point that his family plans to get rid of him because they believe he is the reason for their suffering. His parents are also transformed into productive people when they realize that Gregor can no longer provide for them because of his status. They begin discussing about chances of employment as the father is a bank attendant and the mother sews lingerie for a boutique. The family also sells jewelry to create income and th is shows how hardworking they have become. On the other hand, Grete’s personality changes towards the end when she wishes to get rid of the brother. She stops having sympathy for Gregor as before when she cared for him, fed him and cleaned his room. She stops seeing the humane part of Gregor. Question 2 The narrator strongly implies that Gregor starves himself to death. Other forces that might have led to Gregor’s death are guilt and rejection. Gregor feels guilty that he cannot provide for his family anymore when he listens to the discussion on their financial situation for the first time. He feels that he has become a burden to them because he cannot do anything constructive or contribute to their welfare. He wishes that he could do more as shown by his intention for his sister’s future with her talent of playing the violin. The fact that he is an insect has led people around him to undermine him and treat him cruelly. His father chases him away to his room with a stick and goes further to dent his back by strongly throwing apples towards him. His mother, the boarders and his manager are horrified by his presence. He sees no sense worth living and therefore loses hope. This situation is made worse when he realizes the family wants to get rid of him. Question 3 When Gregor transforms into an insect, his family stop viewing him as a man of importance because he no longer can help them financially. In addition, he has become a burden to them because he needs to be fed and he scares potential customers and people away. On the other hand, the family is pushed to be hardworking and productive because they realize that they have to meet their needs despite their financial struggles. They indulge in businesses such as selling jewelry and the father becomes a bank attendant. The father also reveals some savings that could salvage them. They become more informed although inconsiderate of Gregor’s well being. This effect suggests that the relationship between Gregor was only bound by financial providence (Whitlark, 2012). He lacked an intimate relationship with them Question 4 Gregor’s metamorphosis is symbolic because when he transforms into an insect, we can understand all the difficulties he persevered while in his human form. His grotesque appearance scares people away therefore; he cannot have an intimate relationship with them. Before his transformation, he complained about his acquaintances being distant. He did not have a chance to know them better. Gregor became lonely and might have yearned to know the meaning of his existence (Whitlark, 2012). As an insect, he is secluded from the rest as he spends time in his room. Another aspect of symbolism is evident when the father hits him with apples inconsiderately thinking that he attacked the mother. Kafka may have wanted to show how Gregor’s boss mistreated him in his job. As an insect, his father is in charge of him and sees him everyday while the case was the same with his boos back at work before he was an insect. Both have authority over him in the different environments. References Kafka, F., Kiesel, H. (2002). Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and other writings. New York: Continuum. Whitlark, J. (2012). The metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. Pasadena, Calif: Salem Press.